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We create superior business value for privately held small and middle market businesses using an integrated process-driven services model called BIGS (Buy-Improve-Grow-Sell). The BIGS model adds enterprise value before, during and after the sale of business. This proven systematic and repetitive approach is more cost effective and yields the kind of results business owners are striving to achieve: realization of lifetime wealth, premium return on investment, and a lasting and satisfying legacy.

Our value creation process has three major gates. In Gate 1 we determine the state of readiness to exit or transition from a personal and a business standpoint. We use this information and independent market data to determine the value of the business and identify opportunities to increase value.

In Gate 2 which we call de-risking, we implement improvements to mitigate personal and business risk, and strengthen areas of weakness. Gate 3 is a major decision point. With a marketable and scalable business model in place the business is ready to go to market, transition or grow.

With our assistance, process, and experience we are the perfect firm to guide you along this journey, to help you understand all your options, and to help you make the best choice for your unique situation.

ASPIRE Value Creation Process

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"Clients engage with us to confidentially sell their business, provide an independent valuation of their business, grow through acquisition, and to improve business profits."

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