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Business Valuations (BV)

Business valuation

The value of your business is directly tied to the amount of cash flow it is generating, the purpose of the valuation, the present market multiples, and the method used to calculate value. A valuation only takes a few weeks to prepare. It is the fundamental launching point to initiate value creation or to transition your business.

The Business Valuation (BV) is the second critical starting tool in the exit planning process. The BV provides you with a range of values that your business is worth using multiple methods to calculate it. The BV shows you how your business stacks up against other similar businesses. It also identifies potential value enhancement opportunities that when implemented can substantially increase the value of your business.

The business valuation is also the fundamental starting place for exit planning. Many owners have 80-90% of the wealth tied up in their businesses. The ability to harvest this equity will have a significant impact to any financial planning and/or retirement model prepared by a financial planner or CPA.

BENEFITS from the BV

  1. Benchmarks: How am I performing relative to the industry?
  2. Identifies Financial Opportunities and Strengths
  3. Helps start Personal and Financial Planning
  4. Identifies the financial impact of the value enhancement implementation
  5. Quantifies what value enhancement would be worth



"A growing business, producing more cash flow now rather than 'in the future' significantly increases its value."

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