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Value Creation (VC)

Contemplating value creation

Value creation is the process of maximizing the fundamental value of the business. To accomplish this, owners need to identify potential value drivers which increase value, implement a system to ensure these opportunities are realized, and periodically revisit these value drivers to determine if goals are being met or need to change.

In Gate 1, Exit Planning Readiness Assessment and Business Valuation, areas of improvement and de-risking were identified. In Gate 2, Value Creation, actions identified to improve and de-risk the business are implemented. This forms the foundation of a scalable and marketable business model which can then be further enhanced in Advanced Value Creation.

Business owners, usually depending on the size of their company, can choose to have an Aspire Management advisor provide assistance on a limited basis as a Value Coach or on a longer term, more in depth engagements, as a Value Consultant.

Value Coaching is intended for those business owners who after identifying area of improvements can implement the action items by themselves or with their team and with Aspire’s limited support. This support is usually only one to four hours on a weekly or monthly basis.

Value Consulting is usually for larger firms with large teams, companies that have defined several value improvement areas or have more complicated problems and opportunities, and for those business owners who want more hands on in depth support from Aspire.

It is not uncommon for business value to increase by 1-3x cash flow or up to 20-50% during this process with returns on investment easily in the triple digits. This is certainly something you want to consider before going to market or transitioning the business. For more strategic improvements which result in doubling or even tripling business value please visit the advanced value creation program.


"Some of our clients have doubled or even tripled value as a result of implementing value enhancements prior to offering the business for sale."

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