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Exit Planning

ChartAn exit plan is a comprehensive roadmap to create a more valuable company. It asks and answers all of the personal, business, legal, financial, tax and estate issues that are involved in exiting from a privately owned business. Exit Planning includes exploring all exit options including sales to third parties or transitions to family, partners, management, or employees.

As Certified Exit Planning Advisors we have learned how to help owners synchronize these into an overall success plan. These aligned goals become the foundation and the core values for all future planning and implementations. This plan shows owners how to begin positioning themselves and their businesses so they will accomplish all of their personal, financial and business goals when they exit or transition their business.

Think about it. Exit planning is simply good business strategy. If the focus is on creating a more valuable company, all the things needed to create that value will be good for the business and for the owner personally. This is why we recommend value creation be the core principle upon which you operate your business.

The first step to creating a more valuable and saleable company is to complete an Exit Planning Readiness Assessment and Business Valuation.

"Our programs ensure that business owners efficiently transfer hard-won business value into their personal legacies."

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